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Panama: general info

Panama is a small country of central America and despite of its dimensions it has an incredible biodiversity and a rich mix of cultures: in a unique nation you can climb volcanoes and hike through the cloud forest, have a swim in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean in the same day and discover more than 1000 islands. Then, after visit its cosmopolitan and modern city you can meet some indigenous group that live in their autonomous regions !

10 reasons to visit Panama your next holiday

1. Panama has a stunning biodiversity: national parks, cloud and tropical forests, pristine islands and beaches with hundreds of birds, animals and plants. 
2. It's a safe country to travel, therefore just follow the common rules of good sense.
3.​ Panama City is the most cosmopolitan and modern of Central America: skyscrapers, shopping centres, a new subway but also colonial buildings and much more...
4. The local currency is called BALBOA but actually is the U.S. dollar so it's very easy to understand and compare prices.
5. The Canal doesn't need any presentation. You have to visit its locks and admire how they work: simply one of the best ever man made marvel.

6.Colon Free Zone and Cruise port

7. Outdoor activities for every taste: fishing, surfing, wildlife watching, hiking, diving and many others...

8. There are autonomous indigenous areas called COMARCA where native tribes still live defending their territory and independence, as GUNA YALA in San Blas islands.
9. You can discover all the secrets about coffee farming and moreover taste one of the best in the world: the GEISHA.
10. Panama is below the hurricane belt. Very low risk compared to the other nearby countries to be crossed by a hurricane.

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