San Blas

San Blas
San Blas

San Blas-Guna Yala

San Blas archipelago is in the indigenous region (Comarca) of Guna Yala, managed independently from the national government of Panama.
This native group live in some of these tiny islands in a very simple way and still honour their culture. Women wear as everyday dress their traditional Mola blouse and long skirt. In addition they have gold and beads ornaments on arms, legs and neck and they still observe special ceremonies. All the businesses on the islands are strictly run by Guna. Generally accommodations and food are basic, with some exceptions. Bring some water, drink or food extra if you like to feast on!
You can reserve online your stay in some lodge or book in Panama City once arrived. Many hotels, hostels and tour agencies could arrange for you any kind of holiday in San Blas.

For those who love sea life, there are several sailing boat and yacht offering packages with accommodation, meals, tours, snorkelling and more.

GETTING HERE: when you book your stay in San Blas generally the operator arrange also your transfer. A 4x4 vehicle will pick you at your Panama hotel and carry to Cartí port where a boat will be waiting for you for the final transfer to the island.
If you prefer, you can reach San Blas by plane: Air Panama has direct flights to some of these islands.