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Rates and prices- Balboas Panama

Rates and prices in Panama

Prices in Panama are usually higher than in other Central American countries, but lower than in Costa Rica.
Dorms are about 10 $ per person, a double room in hostel-budget B&B around 30-60 $, in a mid range hotel around 60-150 $ and in top hotel from 150 $ per night.

Gasoline is around 0,70 $ per litre (less than 4 per gallons) and rent a car is around 40 USD per day.
National flights are around 80-100 USD one way.

Travel around the country by bus is instead very cheap: longer journeys (10-12 hours) cost around 30 USD. Taxis are also a cheap option.

Food prices are very cheap if you like to eat in local informal restaurant: They serve the Comida Corriente (set meal) especially for lunch, that consists in a dish of meat or chicken or fish with rice, beans or lentils and salad for 3-5 USD.
If you prefer international cuisine or medium/high class restaurants expect to pay from 7 to 20 USD for a dish.