Panama locations

Panama has plenty of interesting locations to see besides the beaches. If you are looking for some sightseeing you will not be disappointed by the capital city, with its Casco Viejo ( Old town) and the ruins of Panama Viejo. Another unmissable place to go is The Canal. Then go to some mountain area like Boquete or El Valle if you like nature, hiking and chill. Try to discover also how indigenous groups still live in Panama, visiting one of the autonomous region like San Blas.

Choose by location from east to west:

San Blas

Paradise on tiny islands


Fish and surf

Boca Chica

Heart of National Park of Chiriqui

Panama City

The capital city


National park, great diving


Second most important city of Panama

El Valle

Nice mountain town

Las Lajas

Huge pacific beach


Mountain trekking and great coffee