Festival of Congos

The Festival of Congos and Devils of Portobelo is a cultural and tourist event that takes place every two years. Groups of congos, devils, musicians and singers from all the province participate to this celebration.  You could assist to a colourful spectacle of skills and creations in masks , costumes, dances and songs.

This festival has become a great attraction for artists and cultural tourists because it’s a unique event in its kind to remind the Afro-colonial culture of Panama.Therefore the main purpose of the festival is to preserve the folk tradition of the Negroes, a synonym of rebellion and freedom. In general, it is an expression of the struggle of good against evil. The congos represent the black slaves who rebel from the Spanish yoke while the devils to the Spanish slave or master, who represses and subdues them.

To participate at this event, check our instructions to reach Portobelo.

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