Top destination for outdoor activities lovers, Boquete is in the province of Chiriquí, 38 km far from David City linked by a brand new 4 lanes road that bring you to 1000 m above sea level quite fast: here landscape and temperature are very different from lowlands. All around the town is an endless succession of vegetable, fruits and coffee plantations and the climate is cool, especially in the night.

The most interesting activities are hiking, bird-watching, river sports and visit coffee farms.

Special events:  Flower and coffee fair (10 days in January) and Orchid fair (April).


Trained hikers could climb Volcano Barù, 3500 m. The average time needed to reach the top is 6-7 hours and many hostels can bring you to the entrance of the park around 11 pm, to leave in time to enjoy the sunrise from the peak and if it's clear, to watch the two oceans at the same time!

There are available guided tours with several options like a 2 day tour.

Anyway make sure to bring enough water, energy food and the right wearing, considering that overnight temperature can drop below freezing.
27 km, 10-14 hours
El Sendero de los Quetzales ( Quetzal trail) is really a beatiful trail that connects Boquete to Cerro Punta: this way is uphill, so think about choose to start from Cerro Punta. If you like to make the entire journey you have to bring some staff to spend the night in Cerro Punta or just make a part and come back. 5 km, 4-5 hours

Lost Waterfall trail: take a taxi to the entrance of the path, where you'll pay 5 $ for the admittance. This hike is 3-5 hours long, a bit strenuous but the 3 waterfalls and the route are gorgeous.
Sendero El Pianista (Piano player trail) starts at the Pianista Restaurant. t

Because the trail is not well signed, you need to hire a guide. It's a medium difficult hike that after the first part through pasture lands it will lead you into the cloud forest!
5 km, 4-5 hours

We recommend to hire a local guide for your safety and to spot more easily birds and wildlife.

Coffee tours

There are many coffee tours options: from the oldest estate to the smaller family farm. Generally tours include the visit to the plantation, the explanation of the several processes directly in the factory and finally the tasting moment.
Really a must to do in Boquete!

River sports

If you are looking for adrenaline adventure you can't miss whitewater rafting in Chiriquí. Check your skill level and enjoy the trip.
Available the whole year.


Busses to/from David leave every 30 minutes. From Panama City, other destinations in the country and from Costa Rica reach first David. From/to Bocas del Toro there's a direct shuttle.

By car: drive through the Pan-American Highway until David, then turn at the sign to Boquete.

By plane: take a flight to David and then reach Boquete by taxi or read the previous indications.


Los Pozos de Caldera is a popular attraction which consist in natural hot springs with different temperatures waters from 38° to 46° C and healing properties. It's located 14 km from Boquete , along an alternative panoramic road to reach the Pan American Highway. Last 2 km are of dirty road, but normal car can do it  driving slowly or you have to walk 1 hour to reach the site.

If you follow this way, you will meet the road Chiriquí- Almirante in the village of Gualaca, home of another nice spot, Los Cangilones, a small canyon carved by fresh water where swim, dive from the rocks and chill for a couple of hours.

Boquete mountains
Flower and coffee fair, Boquete
Volcano Barù view, Boquete
olcano Barù view, Boquete
San Ramon Waterfall. Boquete
Coffee beans, Boquete
Coffee tour, Boquete
Caldera River, Boquete
Coffee shop, Boquete
Gualaca Canyon