Beaches and Islands on the Pacific coast

Islands on the Pacific coast of Panama

There are many islands on the Pacific coast of Panama all along the country. They have different features: you can find brown or white sand, great coral reef or tiny villages. Anyway it's worth to visit all of them!

Las Perlas Island, Beaches and Islands on Pacific coast

Las Perlas

  • Isla Iguana
  • Isla Cebaco

Beaches on the Pacific coast of Panama

The entire Pacific coast has many beaches you can reach from the Pan American Highway: the closest to the capital are very popular between locals and they host sometimes beautiful resorts. Following down to the Azuero Peninsula you will find wilder beaches with great spots for surfing and fishing. Also the area that includes Veraguas and Chiriqui offers interesting option for wildlife watching and fishing.

  • Santa Catalina
  • Las Lajas
  • La Barqueta
  • Punta Burica
  • Pedasi
  • Playa Venao
  • Playa Cambutal
  • Playa Blanca
  • Chame
  • Punta Chame
  • San Carlos
  • Santa Clara
  • Coronado